Wounded Hound


Added this wounded hound into my collection…Athena had some fun watching the bidding process. Nice!

This is my second hound collection. The first was a group of 4 Kings and  4 Hounds, battered when it came to me.  I named it Battered Kings and Hounds.

The hound arrived at the studio around 12 noon ( 2013 July 12 ). Took photos of the unwrapping and shared it with Athena, live via We Chat. Athena suggested naming the Hound. As I was working on a pet project to create a new font, inspired by a logo I did, I asked if ” brio” is OK.  Athena said ” good idea “…

Ansonia Clock Co

A bit on the history…




Artist Of The Whippet

Adelgunde Vogt (1811-1892) was a Danish Animalier sculptress who specialized in horses and dogs. Her work is well modeled and shows an attention to detail. The fine large bronze of a Whippet licking its paw is quite rare in this original 19th-century bronze cast, and was later copied in white metal by the Ansonia Clock Company as a top piece to complement their clocks. The muscular dog is well sculpted and is finished in a rich brown patina. This type of figure, illustrating the dog’s injury wrapped with a cloth and pinned, was an early form of advertising veterinary services when displayed in a shop window. This magnificent bronze measures 11.75” long (from end of base to opposite end), 4.75” wide, and 8.25” tall. This is another rarity that will not typically be seen for sale, to own it is to own it forever.

Source : http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/dogsinreview/dogs-in-review-june-2011-hound-3.aspx


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