Timeless Racer

Ordered this limited edition, Pitlane Club Series from DesignStudioPress.  It’s a showcase of Daniel Simon‘s wonderful work.

From the online site …” The ‘Pitlane Club’ is a highly personalized and hand-finished series, each approved by Daniel Simon. The heavy slipcase comes with an aluminum plate with your name and book number stamped. The book is printed on heavy photo paper and includes a fifth silver print color, a 12″ x 14″ poster, and an introduction by the head of Ferrari Design. Each book is signed, hand numbered, and dedicated inside. Protected in a custom shipping box. – Only 313 available worldwide!

Have requested for the book to be engraved with ” FETCHr “, my racing game identity.  I could not choose the edition number but if I could these would be ideal…111, 222 or 313.

Pitlane Club Edition 313 The Timeless Racer: Episode 1


The Timeless Racer

The Timeless Racer

The Timeless Racer


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