The Anime In Me

Among the many art form that I see around me, Japanese anime character or figurine is one of my favorite.  I have been collecting this art for several years now and have a sizable collection both at my office and at my home.  I used to have a bigger studio where I kept most of the collection together under one roof but since moving out, I have distributed them between my home and my office.  Thought I’ll just organize them here for anyone who might also be interested in this art form.

The character above is Yamato’s CREATORS’ LABO #015: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION,  from one of the all-time classics Neon Genesis Evangelion. She is known by many as Rei Ayanami as envisioned by famed artist Shunya Yamashita and brought to life by master sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa.

The 4 x 4 RC truck is a HPI Savage Flux HP.  Powered by twin 3S LiPo batteries and on-road tires, the Savage Flux HP can achieve a blistering top speed of 62 mph (100kph)!



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