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This is a new pet project….to capture screen images with content that are significantly valuable for future reference. The essence is in the composition of the visuals and textual information, together with the timing and events that supports its appearance on our screen as we see it…only once and then gone forever.

Why “TAB”?
Thought it should be something that viewer can relate to easily but above all else, it should be relevant to the subject matter. On any website, its quite common to see tabs, linking you to other page within the same site or pages elsewhere.  Anyway, In my search to justify the use of this name I came across interesting articles, past and present where the word ‘ TAB’ is used…

TaB ( Soft Drinks )
Tab, stylized as TaB, is a diet cola soft drink produced by the Coca-Cola Company, first introduced in 1963.[1] The soda was created by Coca Cola after the successful sales and marketing of Diet Rite cola, owned by The Royal Crown Company;[2] previously, Diet Rite had been the only sugar free soda on the market. Tab was “marketed to consumers who want to keep ‘tabs’ on their weight.”…more ( By Wikipedia )

Samsung Galaxy TAB
Needless to say, one up against iPad and many others out there…more

ODE The Trim Tab Magazine
An inscribed stone above the grave where R. Buckmister (Bucky) Fuller and his wife are buried reads “Call Me Trim Tab, Bucky.” Fuller, the inventor and visionary, noticed as a small child that a big ship has a small rudder within its larger rudder. It’s called a trim tab, and its job is…more

Tessy & Tab Magazine
How a Tessy and Tab Magazine is Made Part 1 Video and Part 2 Video

Everyday I would scan web sites looking for major evens or interesting articles that happens around the world. I would then captured the full screen images and save into my storage server which I subscribed on Picasa WebAlbum and Flickr.

Overtime, I believe I should be able to accumulate substantial amount of images for future references. Very much like an archive or library of material that future generation can easily access for free.

I am doing it on my own whenever I can find time between meetings and paperwork but it would be nice if anyone of you out there whom is also interested to join me in this “search and save” effort.


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