Sun Is Out

Weathered BirdChecked my tablet weather apps and it read as cloudy. Unlike many days before, maybe even weeks or months, the sun is finally out and shining bright. Except for a couple of days when the heat was a bit unbearable, the rest of the last few months were unusually wet, with prolonged rain on many days.

The birds, which would usually go into hiding during cold and wet weather, were out looking for food. It looked like they were adapting to the changed environment, with weather conditions unlike what they were used to.  Bought some bird seeds from the nearby pet shop and left some on the balcony and at the rooftop. Saw a few of them eating away even though it was raining outside. Even the Building Painting Contractor, whose schedule was probably disrupted due to the uncertain weather, quickly set up their crane lift and started painting away.

The Sun Is Out...

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