Sleepy Goofy

Found Goofy while looking for an old furniture that I saw last weekend.  Its the size, the color and its famous character of Goofy that caught my attention. As always, I enquired and the seller asked for S$15.00 ( Singapore Dollars ). Just like in any other market trade, I counter offered S$8.00 and to my surprise, he agreed. May be he was trying to get rid of as many of the remaining unsold stuffs to close the business for that day.

Went back with Goofy and took him apart at my Studio.  After a day of cleaning, washing and oiling him, I now have a brand new “used” goofy sitting at the office. Cool.

By the way, I checked online and found out that Goofy is no longer in production. What ever that’s new and available at retail store are the remaining few left. One online store charges some USD147.00. I have also found several youtube videos of goofy. Go check it out here.


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