Psychedelic Painting

RORSCHACH’S TATTOO – Psychedelic Painting

Found this painting on ebay. Thought it’s a very interesting painting.

From the creator who posted this on ebay :

One of a Kind – Original Artwork based off a Rorchach Ink Blot Test.

“RORCHACH’S TATTOO” –   dated: 3-25-12

This painting is packed full of imaginary figures and things.  There seems to be a main character in the center of the scene.  Possibly a man wearing a hat, side profile, but looking your way.  I first called this painting Rorchachs Dad, because of this image.  Later changed to Rorchachs Tattoo because the medium used to make this painting was Tribal Black tattoo Ink.

Looking into the painting I see many other images:  a kangaroo, an eagle, countless faces and more.  What do you see?

Dylan Roldan

His ebay store can be found here.

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