Towards A First World Parliament

” Today in history marked the beginning of a new approach towards a balance and check parliament.  A true democratic system of governance based on justice and equality. An achievement made possible by a strong (opposition) party and a great nation “.

The graphic shows the Parliament House (facade of the Parliament Building), the striking hammer of the worker’s party symbol and the sparks, representing the ousting of the Ministers and MPs.  On that election, that knock that fell onto the Parliament House was hard enough to throw out a few ministers and MPs, including the 2 old guards.

It was a good knock though, many believe it was a wake-up call, it at least took out the arrogance of the incumbent party and leadership.

What It Means
” It was made clear at the launch of the slogan that WP is not taking any particular developed country as a model. Singapore should evolve its own model which works for Singaporeans. WP’s vision of a First World Parliament was detailed in our media release and Manifesto, as a robust institution which works in the national interest by functioning as a strong watchdog and check on the ruling party. This can be the case even when one political party has a clear majority, so long as there is at least one other party with a significant presence to have political weight as a check.

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Voices In Parliament
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