Mercury Came Knocking


Antique door knocker made by Kenrick and sons.
This large antique door knocker bears the bust of Mercury, the Roman god of financial gain and eloquence.
Supposedly, if you affix this to your front door, you’ll gain wealth and a gift for oratory.

Beautifully cast and a testament to the workmanship of Archbald Kenrick & Sons.
Kenrick and Sons are the quintessential manufacturer of quality late 19th century door knockers. Construction is solid cast iron and very heavy (1.2kg). The British registry lozenge found on the rear of the item dates it to 1864.

Measures 11″ by 2 5/8″ (28 cm x 6.7 cm)

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POST-INTRO UPDATE : 12 March 2014

Mercury finally arrived at the Studio.

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