Marilyn Reads Ulysses

It’s a nice Sunday morning. The Kidos were all at the house.  I was researching on rare books when I came across a video on youtube. It shows the auction of a particular rare book, a hard-cover novel by an Irish author, James Joyce. Its the first time I came across the book. Had no idea what it was all about. Only knew from the video that it was considered rare and limited in quantity. Out of the original limited edition of 1500, only 250 were signed. There were two signatures found inside all of the 250 exclusive copies. Beside James Joyce’s , the other signatory was by the famous artist, Henri Matisse.

An article posted by Julie L. Mellby on 26 April 2008 here

The youtube video link here.

Anyway, when I mentioned the book – Ulysses to Charles, he said its a book that all should read at least once in our life time.  He asked if I could get that in place of the Steve Job Autobiography that I wanted to get for his christmas.

After dropping the Kidos off for their lunch appointment with their grandparents, I headed back to my studio. While checking out my ebay record, I came across a magazine – Poets and Writers.  On the cover was a photo of Marilyn Monroe reading a book, like the one in the photo. Wanting to find out who the seller was, I decided to check out the receipt that I kept inside the magazine. From the description of the content, I realized that the novel that Marilyn was holding in her hand was actually “James Joyce – Ulysses”.

Wow, what a coincidence. Using my iPhone, I took photos of the magazine and sent them out to my son.  Along with the photos I wrote “Even Marilyn reads Ulysses”.


Stephen Fry on Ulysses – James Joyce

“I’ll tell you the book I have chosen as my favourite book. And it may make some people’s heart sink, because it is associated with difficulty, where in fact it should be associated with joy…” “It is to me the most perfectly written book. Or perhaps the second most perfectly written book. But this book is deeper, richer and wider.”


Found this on Facebook.Monroe

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