Instant Me, Instant U

This site was initiated as a page to feature instant noodle. It was very much a hobby thingy with no specific goal in mind.  I simply like the name ” IMIU “, what it represents and the way it looks on facebook. One thing lead to another, I decided also to pin down the domain name on the world wide web. Again it was still for the fun and “satisfaction” of owning something on the world arena. Purchased through, ” ” and ” ” are both now registered as my domain collection.

Over the course of the last few months, I have also posted articles or information on other food related items, beverages and equipment inclusive. With this new addition and the potential to cover more than just noodles, I felt that it was right time for some changes. The focus would extend beyond just noodles.  IMIU as it was initially portrayed as ” Instant Mee ( noodle ), Instant U ( You ) “, should represent ” Instant Me, Instant U “.  I hope the ” Me ” will eventually live up to the notion of us being there for “U” ( You ) instantly.

In line with this new thought, I decided to create a Concept Store for IMIU. The uniqueness of it is the way I would like the store be run. Based on the principle of :

1) OMO ( One-Man-Operation ). This is an old concept but it shall formed the basis of how the store operates.

2) Offer Variety – Flavour, Country Of Origin, Price etc

3) Informative and Interactive Selling

4) Create Awareness through Social Networking Platform



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