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Created this identity and acquired the domain name.  Added this into my collection. This is the first domain I acquired  for this new year. It will form part of the Hulu Project that I am working on.

POST-INTRO : 04 JAN 2013

il_570xN.378919336_6y1yHulu gourd pendant necklace (unisex) – hematite

Bought this hulu pendant from a shop on Etsy. From her online shop page, I found this interesting article by the shop owner, Sophie Giam.

Hulu gourd pendant necklace, is made of a hematite gourd, hand knotted with satin cord, ends with a hand wired S hook.
Hematite is worn for grounding and stabilizing purposes and to focus the attention. It assists in logical thinking, decreases negativity and, help balance the mind – body – spirit connection. It also help to enhancing willpower and confidence. It is also said to help overcome compulsions, addictions or overindulgence. It draws negative energy away from you into itself.

Gourd (hulu 葫芦) 
Hulu is one of the most significant Chinese fengshui tools to curb the illness star and enhance our fengshui. It is the powerful symbol of health, longevity and prosperity.

In Chinese symbolic fengshui, it is used to ward off evil spirits, disease and usher abundant blessing. Because (hulu 葫芦) has the same pronunciation as the word to “protect” or “guard” (hu 护) and also the word for “blessing” (hu 祜). In some dialects, the Chinese word for gourd (hulu 葫 芦) sounds the same as fulu (福 禄) which means “happiness and rank (as in attaining a high government office)”.

In Chinese flying star fengshui, hulu is a potent cure against the illness star and it is often wear or carried along as an amulet. Each year the illness star resides at different palace of the 9-grid trigram, base on the flying star chart of the year. There are 12 Chinese zodiac occupying the 8 palaces of the 9-grid trigram, except the center palace. When the illness star flies to the place of the corresponding zodiac, it is recommended for that particular zodiac sign to wear a hulu amulet for that year. Especially to those who are already very prone to illness.

The year, and the palace that the illness star will resides. And also the corresponding zodiac that will be affected are as below:
2011 – South – Horse
2012 – North – Rat
2013 – SouthWest – Sheep and Monkey
2014 – East – Rabbit
2015 – SouthEast – Dragon and Snake
2016 – Center palace
2017 – Northwest – Dog and Board
2018 – West – Rooster
2019 – NorthEast – Ox and Tiger
(Above is 1 complete cycle. For year 2020, repeat from top again)

Illnes star is an earth element, it’s power is exhausted by metal element, and extinguished by wood element. As hematite a metallic mineral, with the ability to absorb negative energy, and in the shape of a hulu (wood element) is a powerful cure against the illness star. Please wear the necklace with a good heart so that the protective energy will be activated.

“Always practice and apply your knowledge with a good heart”, from my beloved teacher.

By Sophie Giam, Singapore

Her Shop at Etsy :   sophinegiam

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