Growing Hulu

Planting Hulu

Thot I bought this on Ebay. Was not. It’s on Etsy. Then I thot I got a mini gourd plant. I was wrong….again. Its not a mini…a GIANT. Another sign of old age.

From Pailanita of Etsy :


RoUnD gOurd (Giant round gourd) 25 healthy seeds :)
This gourd is large when mature (in our garden , the largest grown is over 3 ft. in circumference) and changes from a pattern of greens to a solid pleasant off white color when dried. Eaten primarily steamed with chillie pastes,soup, the gourd is harvested when very young and tender, and has a flavor similar to sukini. The fruit is plentiful, producing anywhere from 12-30 fruits per vine, so there are always mature gourds left at the end of the season for making gourd crafts such as bird house, bowels, light shades etc.

Plant Growth

Planting Started on 20 January  2013.

Plant Growth Collage last taken on 07 February 2013

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