FETCHr’s Like

Saw this on the web a few days ago…will get it for FETCHr should it shows up on AmiAmi.

Have recently started looking into pre-owned figures. Pre-owned does not really mean used. Even if it is, it is usually still in pretty good condition. True collector will always take care of their collection. Don’t think pre-owned means cheap or cheaper than originally priced either.  The good ones can command a high price, sometime many times more than the original price.  Some collectors, like myself buy and keep nice pieces.  While most are unboxed and put on display, some are left in their original box, especially if they are packed in well designed boxes and with great looking illustration.  I  have a few that have not seen daylight.  They are still kept in the carton boxes which they were first packed in for shipment.

Another great thing about looking into pre-owned section are the joy and excitement of finding figures not seen before or limited edition no longer available from manufacturer.  They are usually very unique and popular with collector.

I started collecting out of curiosity.  Then I bought them to help me overcome my “down-time”, to overcome stress, anger and frustration encountered in life and work.  Sometimes I bought them to celebrate an occasion, like a project well done or as a reminder of a good movie seen. Sometimes I bought 2 pieces of the same so that I could give the spare to someone whom shared the same interest.  I have even bought one for my Son’s 21st birthday.

There is so much joy each time I look at them in the Studio. The workload can be overwhelming at times. Looking at the figurines relaxes the mind.

I still collect figurines and my reasons now are all centred around FETCHr.   FETCHr is like a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s like a concept of an alternate life …reasons and purpose to continue life.




Finally chanced upon this piece on AmiAmi and managed to pinned it down for 5980 JPY.  She, Haruno Shiozaki of 1/12 Scale was first released in May 2013.

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