FETCHr On Forza

I have played many racing games. Forza has to be the best I ever played so far.  I am so glad I could still play and enjoy the game.  It’s so real even if  it’s played  with an XBox One Controller and not a Driving Simulator.

I liked racing game since I was young, very young. Back then it was like Shadow Racing. With 20 cents, you could played for a few minutes on what looked like a vending machine in a shop. Your car was a shadow and so were your competitors. Motion was achieved with running shadows of street lamps and bushes along a curve.  The race cars just swing about and with added background sound, it did give you the effect of motor racing.  I didn’t get to play often because back then 20 cents was a lot money.

Things are different now, very different…better and racing games are just so real.  ForzaMotorsports and Forza Horizon just wowed me, the moment I started playing.







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