Dad’s Aloe Vera

3 Dad used to grow aloe vera before he lost most of his sight. He could not see for a long time and was in a very poor state of health.  Life was very miserable for him.  Remembered visiting him late at the hospital, I could tell he was suffering but I could not do anything. He wanted to kill himself… He passed away a few years later. Mum gave one pot of aloe vera to me when I asked. Took it back but lost track of it when I rented out the place. Years passed and when the next door neighbor moved out, I noticed it was left outside the corridor. Only then did I remember the Aloe Vera. The neighbour probably took it in and cared for the plant in their house. I was growing what I thot was mini hulus in the same pot as the Aloe Vera when I noticed the babies.  Looks like I have another task to keep my mind occupied for a while…

20130220_084553POST-INTRO : 20 Feb 2013

Checked my balcony today and saw another Aloe Vera baby. There was a nice feel whenever I see a new plant. Guess its the same with everyone. The other thing that makes me happy is seeing Hulus on the road. It always make me happy. It’s a good way of keeping myself sane while driving.



Post-Intro Update: 25 Dec 2013

Dad’s aloe vera has grown bigger.  The last baby plant did not survive. The soil went into what felt like a dry spell n none of them survive. The one in the photo is a new plant. It too has grown bigger.


Post-Intro Update : 11 May 2014

Another Baby Vera.

20140511_082406 (1)


Recipe from Monica…

” Recipe is super simple. Just wash your aloe leaf, peel off the outer layer aka green portion of leaf and cut to cubes the aloe gel. Then the rest is up to you in terms of amount and taste.

basic ingredient will be water honey or rock sugar for taste pandan leaf or lemon or dried longans optional boil the water and (pandan leaf – optional) and then pour in the aloe gel with rock sugar and dried longans.

for about 5 min or more ( 15min) cuz it depends if you like it crunchy or softer. if using honey then wait till the drink is cooler. Squeeze some lemon if you like. If its just aloe and honey or rock sugar. Its all really up to your taste. “

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