Cultural Revolution

Bought these figurines on Carousell.  The seller was an interesting individual with an excellent knowledge of China history. May be not all but at least on critical part of the era that made significant impact, on its people, their culture and the art.

From her site, achinesehut, I found a short description on the Cultural Revolution (which she coined as “CR” on Carousell) made with reference to the 4 figurines, .

During the cultural revolution, traditional forms of entertainment such as Peking opera was deem to be “old culture” thus was eradicated under 破四旧 。 Role Model Play 样板戏 became very popular form of entertainment content bearing the sentiments of the day. Revolution, the common folks fight against oppression and exploitation etc. Beside 白毛女 , 红灯记 and 智取威虎山 are two of the most popular play of that time. These four porcelain figurines are key characters in these play, they are 李铁梅,王连举,李玉和,杨子荣“。


This is the second piece of art I have accumulated so far with Hulu as the key element in the composition.


This is the first piece I got sometime back.



Added these 3 saucer into my collection.  Was intrigue by the Cultural Revolution in China shared by achinesehut.  Never knew also about the fascinating story behind the Ping Pong porcelain-ware and the history behind it.  The 3 saucer could be the start of another new found interest.


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