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Figures In 2


More picture here at Dannychoo.Com.

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Figures In

20130804_163214 20130804_163222

Work Studio…more photos here.

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Fetchr At Studio



Fetchr At Studio. Bought this for a project but changed my mind.

Fetchr on Pinterest is a collection of images on bikes, VW van, truck etc….people and goods mover.


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My Work Studio

Finally settled down at the new design studio. Added a number of art work over the last few weeks. Some are with me for a long time. They are always with me every time I relocate the studio.  An exhibition poster collected in 1991 at the Geneva Telecom is still with me after all these years. Some original art pieces are kept at home. Those newly bought are either displayed at the Studio or still rolled up in the original tube that came with them.

Apart from the ExLibris art which I am currently collecting, I have also discovered new art from abroad, mainly thru eBay.  Among them is this Artist whom go by the name of  Lucinda Lyons – A Graduate and scholar of Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University. She was warded the Moberley Scholarship in1995.  To date, I have bought 4 pieces of her original drawings. I have also collected some prints of her work.  Each is signed by Lucinda herself.

With this new studio set up and organised, it is my plan to build up my art collection. Painting, sculpture, etching etc. Any art that catches my attention will have a place in this studio.

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Work & Hobby Studio

This was a part work and part hobby studio. It had a combination of both RC Kits as well as Japanese Art Figurines. There was also a Computer Workstation loaded up with Flight Simulation games and gadget. It was very much a creative haven for me and sometimes for my young son as well. This studio was created within a warehouse space and built up progressively over time.

The above was also posted on together with some other figurine related articles.