windslider, September 21st '15

Virgin Islands

Bought this lot of stamps with Pelicans today…together with a few others.¬†British_Virgin_Island-1

Saw this lighthouse image on Pinterest. Traced it back to it’s original source.PB_PelicanCockspur Island Lighthouse, Cockspur Island ( Link To Image Source )

Source : Georgia Department of Economic Development

Stamps Purchased :

windslider, September 8th '15


A wonderful name, with a history made and a future to come.PB_Logo6_Note6PB_Logo6_Note2PB_HLH_1851-1c PB_HLH_1851-2cPB_HLH_FB-1


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Pedra_Branca_LH_Stamps (2)

Pedra_Branca_LH_Stamps (4)