windslider, April 16th '16

Matsuri Tougetsu

Unwrapped Kurumi Imari and placed her together with Matsuri Tougetsu.  They look good together.  Kuro Nonnon, another female character is in depth, in the background, besides Lucinda’s Art on the wall.

FETCHr_Nude (7)


Wall Art By Lucinda.


windslider, April 11th '16

EVE, By Lucinda

Added another of Lucinda’s Art into FETCHr’s collection.

s-l1600 (2)

windslider, March 18th '16

Lucinda Lyons

Added 3 more of Lucinda’s work into FETCHr’s collection.

FETCHr_Martlett (1)

FETCHr_LucindaLyonsArt (12)


FETCHr_LucindaLyonsArt (24)

POST-INTRO UPDATES : 2016 April 01

2 of Lucinda’s art arrived at the studio today. Latte & Latin were watching as myself and Singyi rolled out the paintings.

windslider, November 19th '15

Art By Lucinda

Another five of Lucinda’s Art arrived at the Studio today. They are all so beautiful. All the art pieces came in hard paper tubes. For temporary storage, I would stretch them out and hang them up on the wall, in another room.
Art_By_Lucinda (2)

HouseOfTreasures 2

windslider, October 19th '15

RED By Lucinda

Won the bid today. Had to park by the roadside for the final minute. Another great RED by Lucinda. Nice.

RED_ByLucinda (1)

Drawn by Lucinda Lyons – Graduate and scholar of Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University. Awarded Moberley Scholarship,1995.

windslider, September 30th '15

RED By Lucinda

Another RED by Lucinda….


Now Exhibiting at Tempus Gallery Brick Lane London E1
For recent interview with Mongoos online magazine, please follow this link:-
and article by the gallery on her work:-