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FETCHr’s Mood

Each time FETCHr is down, FETCHr gets a toy.









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In my work, I am a very technical person.  I have good eye for details.  Off work, I am a very visual person.  I like beautiful thing and people.  I love art, photography, fashion, sculpture and music.  Anything which are visually stunning or sound that brings a sensation to your ear.

In early times, before the internet I kept scrapbooks of cut-out images from newspaper & magazines.   It was not only a source of references for my PET projects but was also a visual treat for me.   Now with on-line sharing platform, it’s a visual galore out there.

On the web, there are a few interesting platform that you can ride on for free. On these social networks, you can pin and share images that you see on-line. From what I see, there are a lot of of pinings going on every seconds. It’s becoming very popular among the netizens….interesting!

With Pinterest, by embedding the code into your site page, just like this one here, the boards are always updated the moment you pin a new image.  You will always have an overview of all the boards you like seeing on your site, updated and not just screen captured images.

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Uesugi Kenshin


See Lights finally…after so many years.

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Yamamoto Isuroku


Kept in the box it was delivered in for more than 5 years…finally.

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Bare Essential


A French Maid In An Italian Ristorante…In Bare Essential.

Had lunch with Karen Hoisington at an Italian Ristorante. This place used to be an Art School – SIA LaSalle. I remember that same location was the canteen for the staffs and students.

The figurine is one of many in my art collection. This one I gave to Charles on his 21st Birthday. Karen and I had prior arrangement that both of us would each bring something interesting. A toy was what we had in mind.  So I brought along a French Maid.

It started raining heavily outside after Karen and I had settled down at our table. There was not many guest so we could take some shots without any problem. All shots taken from my phone cam.

For the rest of the photos, click here.

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Do not be offended by the pictures.  They are just one of us presented in a different form.