windslider, January 1st '17

Today is the 1 st day of the year. Decided to acquire domain name to mark the day.



Found this in the Attic… from Sandra…”Hang On Tight”.


Ardnas Evol facebook page has been unpublished for a while now.  Apparently, it’s because I have contents considered unsuitable by them. So whatever I post under Ardnas Evol, no one sees them, except 6 people who had liked that page before it got suspended. So if you click on the image and is able to view Ardnas Evol Facebbok page, then you are one of the lucky 6.

It’s not a bad thing.  I can now post anything I like and have them displayed on that page.  It’s still a visual treat and I can use the page like a sketch book and bookmark any articles or visuals for future reference.

windslider, December 9th '15

Common Good

I have been thinking of a new name for a business concept. Many names popped out.  Some were from those I already used before, either on earlier business concept or from names I used on my facebook pages.  Finally decided on this a few minutes ago and had it registered with the local authority. For whatever reason unknown to me,  the name was not approved immediately but instead was referred for review.  I could only remembered the same thing happening when I registered VoucherCulture many years ago but I got that eventually.  This time, I was told it might take between 4 days to 2 weeks to process my name application.

I like numbers and I love good names. I have preowned many domain names and a handful of business names as well.  I still own some of them, only those which resonate well with my thoughts.

This time round I felt good with “COMMONGOOD”, based on the philosophy listed below.  If all go as planned, it shall be rolled out on 06 Jan 2016. In Alphanumerique term that means “6116”.  Its a day after Laxi’s death date which was “5115” as in 05 Jan 2015.

Name Application No: B1528518G

“In philosophy, ethics, and political science the common good (also common wealth or common weal) is a specific “good” that is shared and beneficial for all or most members of a given community”.



Its only been 1 day after my application.  Didn’t take very long, contrary to what was mentioned in the system. In my mail box, I received a notice from the authority on the name use. Was informed that the name applied has been approved. That’s good news!  Wonderful news indeed.


Business Registration : 53324727J

FETCHr now has a new business name.

Reserved Domain Name :

Pending :

windslider, June 4th '15


Recalling how I cherry-picked used stamps recently and amused by the simplicity and somehow quite enjoyable way of spending time, I decided to give it a name, an identity. Because the process is like picking cherry from a pit, plastic containers filling with used stamps, I thot Stamp-Pit would be the right name for it.

Hence, via Dynadot. I acquired the domain and created a logo to go with it.



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windslider, November 23rd '14

FETCHr China

Acquired another domain name for FETCHr –  and a Figurine to match.


Below is the Pinterest equivalent from China.


.cn is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the People’s Republic of China.


windslider, July 23rd '14


Acquired a new domain name today. Have not bought any for a while. Had this new business concept and decided to get a new name to kick start the thinking process.

wwwcomiXcart.xom is now in my domain and these are my new addition.

FIG-COL-7489 FIG-MOE-6226 FIGURE-001863_01 FIGURE-004032 FIGURE-004387 FIGURE-005415 FIGURE-005547 FIGURE-006715 TOY-SCL2-27552 TOY-SCL2-27553 TOY-SCL2-28289_01 TOY-SCL2-28290_01 TOY-SCL2-31729_01 MED-BOOK-002489 FIGURE-006176 FIGURE-004942FIGURE-005555 FIGURE-005960


FIGURE-007027 FIG-MOE-5677


windslider, May 11th '14 has its own place in Tumblr, independent from


List of FETCHr names in Windslider’s domain:

Business Entity : FETCHr – Reg No 53232551J



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