Cabbage & Village

At The Studio

Acquired these 2 art pieces from an Artist in Jinan, China. Had another one also by the same Artist, bought sometime ago on 06 Jan 2013.

The art arrived on either 4th or 5th of March. Could not recall exactly. Was too caught up with Laxi’s surgery.

Ian came over last night to the Studio. Was very happy to have him there and seeing him taking photos of the figurines and the art collection. We went back together to S-Cottage to check on Laxi. Sean came home later but was too tired to spend time with his brother. Sean is now on internship at a Research Centre on St John Island.

It is always good to see the Kidos together. Charles is away in Durham and is doing good.

Title : Chinese Village

VillageMaterial :Rice paper

Size: Approx. 23 “(59cm)× 19″(48cm)

Description : Ancient Chinese Village

Feature : Chinese painting. Original work.

Artist :Li Yuanguo

Title : Chinese Cabbage

CabbageMaterial :Rice paper

Size: Approx. 21 “(54cm)× 17″(44cm)

Description : Chinese Cabbage

Feature : Chinese painting. Original work.

Artist :Li Yuanguo





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