Created as a Garden City, we should see abundance of insects among the lush greenery all around us. But look closely. Its nothing like what nature should present. Its like a painted canvas of a rich garden, filled with beautiful flowers and greenery but without any sign of the usual birds, insects and bees.

Strange? Not at all. We wanted what is considered an ideal natural environment, less the unfavorable element. An artificial world tailored with discrimination on life that are less favorable. We want only the good stuff ( or perceived as good ). Anything else will be secondary. We want the goods nature has to offer but not the ‘ harm ‘ it brings.

How would this approach affect the true nature? Perhaps its still early to tell what ill-effect this brings.

Can we farm bee here ? Tell me about it.

Why in Singapore ? Among the many reason, one is that we do not operate farm here in Singapore. Hence the bees we keep here would be free from harmful pesticides commonly used in farm elsewhere.

( Ref : We will educate farmers in the use of natural methods (IPM) to keep their colonies healthy, and encourage them in limiting or ending the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides….referred links.

Are bees really harmful? Not at all. They do not live to attack and definitely do not attack just to live or survive. In fact death ( on the bee ) follows an attack by any bee.

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