Bare Essential


A French Maid In An Italian Ristorante…In Bare Essential.

Had lunch with Karen Hoisington at an Italian Ristorante. This place used to be an Art School – SIA LaSalle. I remember that same location was the canteen for the staffs and students.

The figurine is one of many in my art collection. This one I gave to Charles on his 21st Birthday. Karen and I had prior arrangement that both of us would each bring something interesting. A toy was what we had in mind.  So I brought along a French Maid.

It started raining heavily outside after Karen and I had settled down at our table. There was not many guest so we could take some shots without any problem. All shots taken from my phone cam.

For the rest of the photos, click here.

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Do not be offended by the pictures.  They are just one of us presented in a different form.

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