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Most of my art collection are now back home.  Will move some to the new workplace when it is ready.  Many were kept at the office for years. This one was brought back recently after more than 15 years away, from the time I acquired it.

I like Art a lot, be it a drawing, a photo or a sculpture. The subject matter varies but the female form is one of my favorite. Like most people, I like original work but we all know that good art is hard to come by. They are rare and usually expensive. Then there are also limited edition of selected pieces being offered to collectors. Sometimes these are also signed, which made them even more valuable than the common ones released into the market.  Over the years, I have accumulated a few good pieces. Original work directly from the Artist themselves or galleries that best represented the creator of the art.

Before the emergence of the world wide web, it was thru books and news publication that one is informed. Now they are everywhere, just key in the texts in the search engine and you will find news article, past and present right on your screen.

Occasionally I do come across ‘new’ art.  One such art is the creation of bookplates, termed ” Ex Libris “.  Ex Libris is a Latin phrase, meaning literally, “from the books”. It is often used to indicate ownership of a book, as in “from the books of…” or from the library of… ( Source Wikipedia )

New to me because I never knew there was so much more to it than just a bookplate kept within anybody’s treasured books. Had seen them around before but never really understood how it could be appreciated. With the few pieces I acquired on ebay to start with, I hope to dwell deeper into this new discovery.

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