3rdHand from HelpingHand

3rdHand started off a used tool which my youngest son gave to me. It was kept in the storeroom for a while before I took it out and started toying around with it. If you search online, this simple tool is best known as “Helping Hand”, one that is commonly used when soldering electrical parts or components together. Took some picture of it and created a logo out of the better shots.  Like the name and decided to register a domain for it.

Over time I made several variations by combining used or outdated web cams with the standard base and parts that come in a set. Like any thing that I see around us, I wanted it to have a purpose.  First as an “ambassador” for my Anime Collection, then as a “Watchman ” standing guard over at my studio. Unfortunately nothing seems to fit the character well. Finally with the domain collection hobby picking up speed, I decided to make him an avatar on Facebook.

Have done 5 variations so far. With the used webcam, I would usually decommissioned the camera and cut away the connecting wire.  With No 2 and 3, I saved some loose-ends and made them as accessories to the host.  The camera would usually become the body or shield after the transformation and needless to say, the camera would be the head.


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