windslider, October 30th '15

Shimarisu Chan

Very realistic. Yes or No?  FETCHr to decide.

windslider, October 19th '15

RED By Lucinda

Won the bid today. Had to park by the roadside for the final minute. Another great RED by Lucinda. Nice.

RED_ByLucinda (1)

Drawn by Lucinda Lyons – Graduate and scholar of Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University. Awarded Moberley Scholarship,1995.

windslider, October 6th '15

Panda Came

Panda came to my site today.  It was very funny. She seem to notice only the girls in bikini on my site, like many others, if not all whom I spoke to after visiting my site.  Told her I was going to Pedra Branca.  She asked if there were many girls in Bikini on Pedra Branca.


Went over to the Kidos’ house. Fed Ian and his friend…and also the house cat.  Told Ian I would be away on a short trip.  Could tell he was concerned.

Panda_Came (1)

Panda_Came (1)

Panda_Came (2)

Panda_Came (3)

Panda_Came (4)