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RED By Lucinda

Another RED by Lucinda….


Now Exhibiting at Tempus Gallery Brick Lane London E1
For recent interview with Mongoos online magazine, please follow this link:-
and article by the gallery on her work:-

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Virgin Islands

Bought this lot of stamps with Pelicans today…together with a few others. British_Virgin_Island-1

Saw this lighthouse image on Pinterest. Traced it back to it’s original source.PB_PelicanCockspur Island Lighthouse, Cockspur Island ( Link To Image Source )

Source : Georgia Department of Economic Development

Stamps Purchased :

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Saw one of them a while back. Decided to look for it again today after the site meeting. Discovered there were 2 of them. Different in design but both look gorgeous. Added them into FETCHr’s bike collection.

FETCHr_Bike_Nodel (1)

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Luke & Leia

Pre-ordered these 2 for FETCHr…


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Seeing RED

RED by Lucinda was featured in a bar. RED was acquired sometime back in 14 Dec 2013. It was a gift I bought for myself for Christmas.

screencapture-graffitikings-co-uk-treehouse-bar-graffiti-reading-1442023860052 (2)



Archival Print of the same can be purchased at Lucinda’s Ebay Store.

RED By Lucinda

RED By Lucinda