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Pedra Branca – Horsburgh Lighthouse

Created this concept art of a Lighthouse in a Light bulb.

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Horsburgh Lighthouse, located at the eastern entrance to the Singapore Straits, is the oldest of the four lighthouses in Singapore waters. Situated on Pedra Branca, an island 54 km off the mainland of Singapore, it is the first lighthouse in Southeast Asia to be built in granite masonry.1 The lighthouse is named after eminent navigator and hydrographer, the late Captain James Horsburgh, and has been in operation since 15 October 1851.2

Source : Singapore Infopedia

” The foundation stone was laid at 1 pm.17 Under it, several items had been deposited, including a copper plate bearing an inscription marking the event, some silver money, Statements of the Trade of the Straits Settlements and Statements of the Revenue and Charges, an original edition of Horsburgh’s India Directory, a copy each of the Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, The Straits Times and the Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia, as well as a plan of the Town of Singapore.”

24 May 1850 was chosen for the laying of the foundation stone. Hence, those hidden items are now 165 years old.

Nuclear Plant Site

Speaking at the Singapore Energy Conference on 4 November 2008, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that the Singapore Government had considered reclaiming land and building a nuclear power plant on Pedra Branca. Such a plant could not be built on the main island of Singapore as international standards require a safety zone of 30 kilometres (19 mi) around the plant. However, it was recognised that this was probably not feasible as Pedra Branca is less than 30 kilometres from the Malaysian coast…

Source : Wikipedia




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Photo Source : 1886 Lighthouse by Tiago Reis

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Marilyn Monroe

FETCHr likes this very much…



Pre-ordered today, due for delivery in August.


Received an update on my order today. Made the balance payment. Hope it will be a well made figurine.

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FETCHr Chair

Transforming FETCHr Logo into a chair. FETCHr_FRFETCHr_Transform_ChairFETCHr_Chair_Evangelion23_Angels

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Preordered a while back, is a new addition to FETCHr’s collection of domain namesFETCHr_FRFETCHr_TransformFETCHr_Cafe_Icon4

Transforming the logo into a coffee cup.  With 3D printer, I believe it’s achievable.



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