windslider, May 31st '14

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windslider, May 28th '14

My New Darlin(g)(s)

Was contemplating on acquiring another BJD from Korea to join Andrea & Brio when I stumbled upon these 2 ladies.  Saw them a while back when they were still in their early stages of development. Thot they looked really stunning. It’s like drawings came alive.  Almost wanted to write to the Artist.

All good now,  Aurora Borealis and Silvia Fox are now officially adopted under Windslider. They should be on their way here to the island state when they complete their show with their Creator.



Picture Source : DarlinDesign

Artists : DarlinDesign consists of two professional artists, Linda Vieweg and Darren Jackson.

HouseOfTreasures 2

POST-INTRO UPDATE : 23 June 2014

The ladies are finally here in Singapore.  They arrived at the Studio this morning.  They came in a huge package, very well protected in a box packed with foam nuggets. Wrote to the Artists. Linda Vieweg was very happy to know of their arrival and in very good condition.  I am equally happy to finally meet the ladies.





Had just posted these ladies pictures on

windslider, May 25th '14

FETCHr on a Rampage

Tried this video capture apps…need not use the camera-on-screen approach. Image is a bit shaky, but music is good.  If you set your game graphic to Ultra, your face will turn black, cause you see nothing but a black screen.

The car I used in the video is the Jaguar C-X75 Electric Turbine Concept Car…my favorite.  A player going by the name “atip555” introduced that car to me on Need For Speed – Rivals.







Jaguar C-X75 Electric-Turbine Concept

…and this is the real car, the same model I used on NFS.  A motioncraft(s) way ahead of our time…that’s what they said.  No, I don’t think so.

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windslider, May 24th '14

A Horse From Armenia

Been too busy with work and playing NFS over the last few weeks.  Playing NFS was to keep me awake whenever I felt sleepy. Decided to take a short break and started browsing Etsy site.  Acquired some very interesting Art pieces from that site before. Didn’t have any idea what to expect.  Just wanted to look for something. Found this horse. Thought it looks very unique and interesting. It’s handmade and it’s coming from Armenia.  Decided to add into my collection.  Should arrived in about a week or two. Hope the Kidos like it too. They like most of my collection.


GIFTIDEASS is the Etsy shop that I found this horse. There are many other interesting art pieces there.

POST-INTRO UPDATE : 2014May29 – 10:48pm

Had just received a message, the Horse has been dispatched.


The horse arrived at the Studio and found new friends right away.

HouseOfTreasures 2

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windslider, May 24th '14

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windslider, May 21st '14

FETCHr Identity

Created this new identity. Not final but will give it sometime for the right mood to kick in.




Found the code to display my collection of FETCHr Images on Pinterest.

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