windslider, September 30th '13

Ferrous Angel



Ferrous Angel…on Pinterest


windslider, September 28th '13

Ferrous State


Added this domain into my collection…and created the identity.  This is what it represents.

Was researching on the potential of scrapped iron when I decided to check out the domain name  Well, I did and discovered an interesting site and a little history on ” Why Ferrousland?“.  Inspired by that I went on to acquire a second ferrous-related domain name to add to my collection.

Hence is now in my domain.

windslider, September 27th '13

Figures In 2


More picture here at Dannychoo.Com.

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Acquired this domain…another round of deep thots coming up.

windslider, September 12th '13

In Memory


Remembering A Friend…08 September 2013