windslider, August 24th '13
windslider, August 24th '13

Protected: Pod It…Twice

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windslider, August 19th '13

Lost In The Wood


Added this into my collection. Still think it looks like a horse…strange.  Athena like this better than the wounded hound, which incidentally can not play mahjong. He is on medical leave..

windslider, August 16th '13

MACKey Mouse

Mackey Mouse

Did this design a while back. I called it the Mickey Mouse design.


Saw this photo of Kim Lee on FB…kinda reminded me of the Mickey Silhouette.  Clicking the image will bring you to the source.

windslider, August 13th '13



Added these two into my domain collection. |

Live Transaction at BlockChain here

windslider, August 6th '13

Figures In

20130804_163214 20130804_163222

Work Studio…more photos here.

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