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Did this a few years ago when my late father was going through a period of self-dialysis. He had diabetes for a long time which resulted in him first losing his sight and then eventually the function of both his kidneys.

Father’s house was small and to keep things organised and maintain the best hygiene for the apparatus he used, I got him an Ikea trolley. May be I saw it so often that I got inspired and decided to create something along the same line of furniture.

The design is made up of a few standard modules that one can use  to create several variation of furniture.  The name “Kelli” was drawn from a wonderful nurse that looked after my dad whenever he was awarded in hospital or when he visited the clinic.

windslider, July 30th '13

Wind Slides



Many faces of windslider…but one dream.

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Scripophily is the study and collection of stock and bond certificates. A specialized field of numismatics, scripophily is an interesting area of collecting due to both the inherent beauty of some historical documents as well as the interesting historical context of each document. Some stock certificates are excellent examples of engraving. Occasionally, an old stock document will be found that still has value as a stock in a successor company.


Scripophily는 연구와 컬렉션 증권 인증서입니다. 고전학의 전문 분야는 scripophily 몇몇 역사적인 문서의 모두 고유의 아름다움뿐만 아니라, 각 문서의 흥미로운 역사적 맥락으로 인해 수집의 흥미로운 지역입니다. 일부 재고 인증서 조각의 훌륭한 예입니다. 간혹, 오래된 재고 문서가 아직 후계자 회사에서 재고로 가치가있다 것을 발견됩니다.



My Scrip-o-phily page on Facebook.  I have named it ” WorthlessStockCerticates “.  This is where I post articles or images relating to scripophily. Kinda like a bookmark of links to share with others whom may chanced upon the page but it will definitely serves as a very useful bookmark for myself.

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Windslider In Brio

Decided in between work for a new Windslider Logo, using the BRIO typeface.


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Semblance 16

Pre-ordered this today…with encouragement from Karen Hoisington, another one of my favorite Artist.


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Added this new domain name into my collection.