windslider, December 31st '12

Greeting On FB

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Another Year Going…Going….in about 3 hours time, then it’s 2013.

windslider, December 30th '12

Variations – HULU

Hulu Variation

Interesting similarities.

Using AlphaNumerique chart, Hulu is reduced down to no.8

H-U-L-U equates to 8+3+3+3 = 1+7=8


Photo  :  Gourd from ” How to clean a hardshell gourd”  by indeepknit.  Source link here

Photo : Vase from Ebay Seller.  Source link here.

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windslider, December 25th '12

Christmas Hulu

Cricket CageAcquired this via ebay from ShangHai. Its a Christmas present I gave to myself. The Kidos gave me a wonderful present too. Something that I wanted to have for the Work Studio.

Every year Pa gives me a whole turkey from the club. This year is no exception. The turkey tasted really good. Kept half for myself and Sean. Gave the other half away.

Karyn gave me a T-Shirt with the print of a nice vintage helmet for Christmas. Christine let me manage my desktop naps better with Total Pillow. Riz made me drunk with liqueur filled chocolate and SingYi cushioned my arm with a fire-fly.

Like all of them…a lot.

HouseOfTreasures 2

windslider, December 24th '12

Hulu Cafe

Woke up and started feeling for my tablet on my bed. Its usually buried somewhere among the pillows and the comforter.  Its the last device I see every night and the first thing that I look for whenever I wake up. The time was 4:44. That’s about the same time I woke up yesterday and the few days before.

Checked my windslider mailbox and recieved another email from Dynadot. They had successfully caught another domain name that I had reserved earlier. Must say I am really impressed with Dynadot. They are fast, quick and really good with what they do.

I had reserved HuluCafe while searching for a domain for Hulu. The last owner did not renew that domain name and it was put up for auction at Godaddy. The minimum bid price starts at USD1057.00. Last check, after I had confirmed my order with Dynadot, the Auction at Godaddy was still active. Believe it will come down soon.  I wonder how fast can their system pick this up?

Domain Auction | Buy & Sell Distinctive Domains - Go Daddy


As the new owner, I did not put up the domain for sale. May be its because of the year-end festive period, nobody seems to take notice of the status. Or may be the backend system is not set to register and regularize the flow of domain transaction. Is this a shortfall on the part of ICANN ?

I own a lot of domain names but have never sold a single one. Don’t think I am selling Its saved for Hulu, a pet project which I am currently working on.


Hulucafe Auction

hulucafe SEDO

DOWNBLOCKED hulucafe Google Search


HuluCafe Value


Online I could find 3 places taking on the name ‘Hulu Cafe’.

In Hong Kong :

Hulu Cafe - International Western Restaurant in Jordan - Hong Kong Restaurants Guide HK Restaurant - OpenRice in English

In Bali, Indonesia :

Gaygetter Establishment Profile - Hulu Cafe

In Elmhurst, New York :
Cafe Hooloo - Coffee, Tea, Crepes, Pastries, Sandwiches and Salads - Elmhurst, Queens

This is my third Hulu related domain name that I have collected over the last 4 days or so.

Running a cafe is part of my dream plan. Would I use the name “Hulu cafe”? Don’t think so. There are already other names on my mind.

Anyway, is now in my domain.


windslider, December 23rd '12

21:12 | 21-12-2012


Still alive. Guess Gaia is too young to die.


windslider, December 23rd '12

Hulu is Sexy


November 15 2012, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten –  SX Registry is pleased to announce that as of November 15th, 2012, after successful Sunrise, Local Priority and Landrush periods, the .SX Registry opens to the whole world.  As of 15:00 UTC (or 11:00 local Sint Maarten time), the General Availability phase begins which means that from now on, anyone from anywhere will be able to register a Domain Name within the .SX top level domain.

“.SX” is the recently established country code Internet Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Sint Maarten (located in the northeastern Caribbean), which became an autonomous country on October 10th, 2010.  This code will succeed the retiring .AN country code (Netherlands Antilles) that was previously used for Sint Maarten.

One of the distinguishing particularities of the .SX, is that it is an “open” registry like that of Germany (.DE), the US (.US) and Colombia (.CO).  What this means is that anyone can register a Domain Name ending with .SX without any restriction or requirement for local presence on the Island.

As recently noted by SX Registry CEO, Normand Fortier, “We have been promoting this new extension at several international events, including all ICANN meetings, and have received tremendous positive response.  Although it has been a long yet exciting two-year journey, we are thrilled to have successfully completed the Grandfather, Trademark Sunrise, Local Priority and Landrush phases.  Thanks to our ever growing network of Accredited Registrars now covering all five continents, we are more than ready to welcome registrations for .SX Domains from all around the world.”


Successfully registered another country code Internet Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Hulu at Sint Maarten. Confirmed on 22 Dec 2102 through Dynadot, is now in my domain.