windslider, March 31st '12

Exquisite Female Bust


Added this bust into my art collection. This came after an exlibris print I got earlier. I had it featured together with one of my domain named

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The Invisible Children

If you care, willing, agreeable, believe in what they represent….do something. Every little bit counts.

Go on…there’s bound to be something you can do. Try starting form here.

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Odd & Rare Tools

Bought these 2 tools on ebay.  I like tools a lot but I am just amazed by the wrench.

Listed as

1) Collectible Unusual Old Vintage “M2” Combination Wrench.  Rare and Odd Multi-Tool.

2) Collectible Unusual Old Vintage “Universal MFG Co.  New Tork N.Y.” All Angle Level.  Odd and Rare Tool.

Source : 110kam | ebay

windslider, March 14th '12

‘Pa’ By Charles

Title : Pa ( Father )

By : Charles G. Low

windslider, March 10th '12

Double Win

银 ( Silver ) or 蝇 ( 苍蝇 – Housefly ), this one must have meant ” Double the Winning “.  It has a housefly and a silver nugget on its back. Discovered this when I went out dinner last night with my Kidos at Chinatown. Louisa was with us too. We all had a great time and an opportunity to learn something new about the food we ate.  Some of the dishes reminded us of those local delicacies we were so familiar with, like chill crabs and pepper crabs among others.  The cooking style however was very different. They were supposedly from Hunan Province, China.  Apart from the good food, we were greeted by this very friendly head waiter, whom has taken the time to share with us the background on those food served in the restaurant.   Believe the Kidos and Louisa were all pretty amused and fascinated by him and the food served.

This is the third addition of the same series. The other 2 are here and here.

windslider, March 1st '12

MM on Christie’s

Added this magazine from Christie’s. Items from Marilyn Monroe’s estate are among the auction highlights.