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3rdHand from HelpingHand

3rdHand started off a used tool which my youngest son gave to me. It was kept in the storeroom for a while before I took it out and started toying around with it. If you search online, this simple tool is best known as “Helping Hand”, one that is commonly used when soldering electrical parts or components together. Took some picture of it and created a logo out of the better shots.  Like the name and decided to register a domain for it.

Over time I made several variations by combining used or outdated web cams with the standard base and parts that come in a set. Like any thing that I see around us, I wanted it to have a purpose.  First as an “ambassador” for my Anime Collection, then as a “Watchman ” standing guard over at my studio. Unfortunately nothing seems to fit the character well. Finally with the domain collection hobby picking up speed, I decided to make him an avatar on Facebook.

Have done 5 variations so far. With the used webcam, I would usually decommissioned the camera and cut away the connecting wire.  With No 2 and 3, I saved some loose-ends and made them as accessories to the host.  The camera would usually become the body or shield after the transformation and needless to say, the camera would be the head.


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Negative Impact, Positive Gain

When the day started off I felt like I was digging trash under the hot sun literally, but I guess that’s the only way to really find something ‘meaningful’.  I was telling Karyn that if the condition has been otherwise comfortable and easy, then the whole street will be filled with trash diggers in all their fancy streetwear.  Anyway, I wasn’t talking about digging trash at somebody’s backyard either.  It was another day out at the Thieves’ Market or the Flea Market as some of you may be more accustomed to.  But in the world we live in, we do produce a lot of trash. Where it is trash to you, it could be treasure to others.

One such accidental find which I came across recently is this interesting article on CNN.  A lucky photographer had found some never seen before negatives of Marilyn Monroe and paid just a dollar for it at a Garage Sale. The same guy now offers his find at ebay here. Go check out the price he is asking.  It is definitely a case of ” Negative ‘ impact but positive gain for him.

That was the first part of the ‘shopping’ but unlike the previous few trips, today I felt special… “unbeilievably special”.  Unexpectedly I  was given the “VIP treatment “.  Never mind if I didn’t find any treasure like the photographer featured on CNN but I thought my experience was very funny, even as I was writing this post.

So here’s my story…

When I arrived at one of the stall, I was first “briefed” on the status of the area impending development. Not that I wanted to know but that day was the second last day before a large part of the market has to make way for a new MRT  Station.  Just like what a soldier would do for an army commander or a sidekick who would do for a minister during a walkaround ( unfortunately neither one I respect ),  I was lead to a shaded area and given a seat ( I think its a wooden box or a near-broken chair ).  I sat and the next moment when I lifted up my head, I saw the stall holder carrying a table ( with shaky legs ) filled with albums of old postcards for my selection. Topping it all, I was served with a bottle of chilled mineral water when I was going through his collection of old postcards.  Wow! I said to Karyn. Now that’s really fantastic service coming out from a place like the Thieves’ Market.  It was like if Good Heaven is a place on earth…I was in it.  I had only bought a couple of things from the same stall holder but it was not even near a small fortune.  I made friends and I guessed this is probably one that I have succeeded as far as good friendship is concerned.  This is the price ( effort ) I paid and hence good service gained.

Anyway by end of day, after a few hours walking under the hot sun, the heat was near extreme and I could tell Karyn had enough. So off we went for a break and then on to another back street to continue with our search.

The loot we got for the day :

Goofy now has a mate beside him and Minnie is looking all so elegant in her new home.  Now that the seller had mentioned another ‘big’ phone stored somewhere in his house,  I should be making another trip soon regardless of how the new market will be like.



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马上赢 – Instant Win

Went back to the Thieves Market with the same friend. The day ended off with more metal objects than the last. In all I found 1 brass luohan figure, a solid brass bracelet, a NOB Hanayama Metal Puzzle, a pressure gauge, 2 plastic toy gifts ( from Burger King ) of the Simson Characters – Chief Wiggum and Russ Cargill, a brass horse with a big housefly/horsefly on its back and 2 more Once-Sunken-Now-Found treasure. Asked my son how he felt about my loot today and he rated the ” Horse with a Housefly/Horsefly on its back ” as the best among all.  At first he could not figure out why would anyone put a huge housefly/horsefly on the back of a horse.

Not sure how I should put it but among the Chinese, the horse with the housefly/horsefly on its back is interpreted as follows :

1 – “马上” literally means the back of a Horse, is also interpreted as ‘ instant “;

2 – The HouseFly/Horsefly is “蒼蠅”  in chinese. “蠅” sounds like “赢” (Win)

Therefore from the figure, a housefly/horsefly on the back of a horse is read as “马上赢” which also means ” Instant Win”.

Confused? don’t be. Seeing or owning an object of this combination can only mean Good Luck.

The rest of the day searching under the scorching sun went well. My friend got a number of his favorite collectibles. A M&M clock, an assortment of Tiger Beer Mug, a porcelain plate, 2 sets of salt and pepper containers all adds up to his already sizable collection at his home.

Just like last week, we were out there for almost 5 hours. Met another friend who regularly makes visit to the place and learnt that he is also a ardent collector himself. It was at his regular spot that I found the Once-Sunken-Now-Found porcelain. Got 2 more to add to my collection. Cool…but very hot ( the weather ).


windslider, July 13th '11

Sleepy Goofy

Found Goofy while looking for an old furniture that I saw last weekend.  Its the size, the color and its famous character of Goofy that caught my attention. As always, I enquired and the seller asked for S$15.00 ( Singapore Dollars ). Just like in any other market trade, I counter offered S$8.00 and to my surprise, he agreed. May be he was trying to get rid of as many of the remaining unsold stuffs to close the business for that day.

Went back with Goofy and took him apart at my Studio.  After a day of cleaning, washing and oiling him, I now have a brand new “used” goofy sitting at the office. Cool.

By the way, I checked online and found out that Goofy is no longer in production. What ever that’s new and available at retail store are the remaining few left. One online store charges some USD147.00. I have also found several youtube videos of goofy. Go check it out here.


windslider, July 10th '11

From Street To Street

Went on a weekend search yesterday with a friend who shares a common interest in collectibles.  Found out that he has a huge collection of souvenirs as memorabilia. From M&M dispensers, alarm clocks, pen holders, coca cola bottles, hardrock cafe glassware to pure silver coins and special currency notes. From my understanding, he had set for himself an unwritten guidelines to stay focus on a selected few, otherwise his collection could well bloated out to include a lot more. This hobby is relatively new for me and going through it over the last few weeks, I realized that one can easily get carried away. There are simply so much out there and most will easily catch your attention.  It can be very addictive but manged properly it should be a very interesting hobby, filled with surprises and most of the time brings back memories of the bygone era.

The weather was burning hot. We were both in our shorts and T’s and each of us was wearing our own cap. Did wish that we have sun-block applied though. Anyway we went from one street to another. At each location we both managed to find something we like.  I have mine uploaded onto this post…will try to get some pictures of his find to share with you…will have to ask first.

Besides the Old Balance Weigh shown above, I have also found and added the following into my collection:

1) OKI OKI ( wobbling away on youtube )

2) China-Man ( an art collection of China’s Great Leaders and His People )

3) Another Once-Sunken-Now-Found Porcelain



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