History Not Remembered Is Probably History Best Forgotten

Used to call this a blog but didn’t think it had functioned as one, at least not like most others. I thot it was just a collection of stuff I liked or pet projects that I did. It appeared more like a record of images and notes that I would constantly come back to, to help me recall what I once did or inspired to do. Going forward, I think it will just be the same. It’s my way of holding on to some past memories.  Like before, this site contains some of the many aspects of my interest beyond work.  While some are my own, there are also others which I like a lot and I want to just keep them here, at least for a while so that I can see them each time I visit this site. Hence this site works also like my bookmarks.  I had disabled the comments. Didn’t think they were real and didn’t think they would make any difference in what I uploaded onto the site. It should be a free space in the cloud that I could throw anything at…anything.

What was it?

Windslider started out as an online concept site to promote craft simulation on sea, land and air way back in November 2008. It was quite an uphill task then putting the site together. Knew nothing on the HTML code at the beginning. Gathered all the basics through an online tutorial and finally got the site up and running for a while. Unfortunately, I did not have enough material to stay relevant. Finally took it down after 2 years and converted it into a personal website.

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Other Content

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I like exploring many of the software applications created for online sites.  Occasionally I may put up content which some may consider illicit or inappropriate. Should that happen and you feel uncomfortable with it, I apologize. There’s absolutely no ill-intent on my side. If you feel strongly about it, do write to me.

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Started off as a fun thing, then a business idea, then a Gamertag, then a registered business name and more recently a name I called myself on several Commercial Trading and Games sites.  I have not been able to pin it down just as yet but I believe it’s here to stay…for a long long time.

All Good? Let’s Go…



FETCHr’s Favourite Plane.

FETCHr likes this bike.


Microasia – FETCHr’s collection.